“Sexual assault! Man, that sounds like a good idea!”


What the fuck kind of messed up logic goes through the minds of molesters and rapists?

How the fuck does anyone ever kid him/herself into thinking that, “Hey, touching some random young child’s genitals is fun for the whole family!”

Who the fuck seriously thinks that, “Making someone scream in terror and in pain while I force them to have sex with me is in no way a horrible crime!”

I mean, seriously?


There’s all of this information out there on the psychology of their victims: why they make appealing targets, what the aftermath of that abuse does to them, et-friggin’-cetera.

But there’s precious little out there on the thought-processes that let someone think that committing sexual assault or abuse is morally okay.

Nothing tells me how the people who do this manage to sleep at night; it remains a total mystery.

All of the focus out there is on their victims. Why, oh why, isn’t there more information on what is wrong with the predators in the first place? Why isn’t there more information on just what stupid rationalizations these people use to justify what they’ve done (or are about to do)? Why don’t we have more information on just how these idiots delude themselves into thinking they’re entitled to someone else’s body?

If the details of how that kind of pathology operates are kept from us, how the hell are we supposed to develop effective strategies for defusing it?

You hear me, psychology researchers everywhere? Do you hear me? Can you please GET ON THIS, ALREADY?


One Response to ““Sexual assault! Man, that sounds like a good idea!””

  1. 1 Ed

    There’s some evidence that acts of aggression can release dopamine in the brain, conditioning some aggressors to be more aggressive more often. Not saying this is a solid explanation, but it may be one piece of the puzzle.

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