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The argument that gets trotted out time and time again in defense of dragging a wider range of people into the sciences lies along the lines of: “Different types of people have different approaches to doing science. The more approaches you have in play, the quicker a given problem gets solved. So, increasing the proportion […]

I just want to hug all of the female figure skaters. You are all awesome, young ladies. Gold medals for everybody! (That is all. I should clearly never be a figure skating judge.)

What the fuck kind of messed up logic goes through the minds of molesters and rapists? How the fuck does anyone ever kid him/herself into thinking that, “Hey, touching some random young child’s genitals is fun for the whole family!” Who the fuck seriously thinks that, “Making someone scream in terror and in pain while […]



Some co-workers were comparing their Myers-Briggs personality types around the water cooler this afternoon. A lot of us in the sciences are introverts. You’d think a lot of us would also be thinking-types, or intuitive, but that doesn’t actually seem to be the case. No, what really seems to matter is the ability to hole […]

God, I hate bras and shopping for bras, and finally finding one that works but not having enough money to buy up the store’s entire stock (which, when you’re my idiosyncratic shape, would still not be enough) so that you wear through the ones you have far faster than you’d like, and then when you […]